About Nira Macaspac

I am happy to meet you, queen!

Thanks for dropping by. I believe there is a purpose why you’re here. I feel that we’ve been pulled together by the universe and maybe there’s a deeper connection between us.

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Nira Macaspac. I am a women transformational coach dedicated to help you get to your best, highest self! So, be ready to unleash that queen within and journey with me!

BECAUSE you want to uncover what’s stopping you from becoming the person you want to be.

BECAUSE you want to feel successful in whatever life you choose to have.

BECAUSE you want to feel good and be more CONFIDENT about yourself.

BECAUSE you want to be genuinely HAPPY.

BECAUSE you want to look, feel, and act your best, always…

BECAUSE you’re a woman with big dreams and you want to reign your life unapologetically.

because YOU are a WORTHY QUEEN!

I’ll keep it simple and random with these 15 facts:

1. I spent my childhood in Manila, Philippines. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for my parents so my mom, brother, and I transferred to Subic, Philippines where I spent my teenage years and most of my adult life. I am now living in Olongapo City, a few kilometers away from Subic but every now and then, I go to Metro Manila for work and coaching sessions.

2. I was a graduate of Business Administration Major in Accountancy and I worked for 8 years in the corporate world.

3. My father was an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW), accountant, an investor and he always wanted me to be the girl version of Warren Buffet in the Philippines. My mom was a housewife. When my parents separated, my mom became an entrepreneur and a part-time writer. Sadly, she died in 2006 because of a car crash.

4. I learned a lot in business and finance because of my background and became a Registered Financial Planner and stock market investor at 27.

5. I was already blogging and writing while I was working in the corporate setting.

6. I am a sucker for self-help stuff, women empowerment, leadership, and everything about personal growth and development.

7. I love to inspire and be inspired because when I feel inspired, I feel confident, and when I feel confident, I feel I can do anything I like.

8. I am a woman who wants to look, feel, and show my best.

9. I am blessed with a loving husband and we’re married for 13 years. We have 2 beautiful children, Unica and Xavie (11-year old girl and 2-year old boy).

10. I started my own small business in 2012, Mind Valley Learning Center (also a frachise of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program). It’s a school and enrichment center for kids.

11. I always love to teach so I studied Professional Education and passed the licensure board examination in the Philippines, a few points away from being a topnotcher. So now, I am a Licensed Professional Teacher.

12. I wanted to level up the teaching and mentoring so I entered the coaching industry. I took the certification at The Life Coach Training Institute based on Dallas, Texas and eventually became an Internationally Certified Life Coach.

13. I put up my own company in 2019, U-Progress Philippines, Inc. It’s a management and consultancy firm that specializes in giving trainings, seminars, workshops, and board reviews to public or private institutions.

14. I want to help women who had the same issues l had in the past and transform them into their happiest, wisest, and most loving selves.

15. I love my job! I love to dress up, have coffee, I love meaningful conversations, I love talking about your dreams, aspirations, and most of all, I love to queen up and guide you how it’s done.

I am so excited to journey with you! Are you ready, Queen?

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