The Queen Within Confidence Building Masterclass Batch 2 opens this August

It was a successful 1st batch, Queens! Because I saw how this program can truly transform you, I’ve decided to reopen it. So, if you weren’t able to join the first batch, here’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

You are a worthy Queen and you deserve to slay in all the areas of your life.

If you think you need confidence, yes you do!

Confidence is a skill you can use in basically everything you do!


  • posting your photo on your social media account
  • mingling at an event
  • speaking on a stage
  • talking to a guy you like
  • acing that job interview
  • starting a business
  • launching your blog/vlog
  • selling your products and services
  • Conversing with others
  • to just doing your daily chores

Imagine when you get to act with confidence naturally like breathing.

Imagine you, you who can rise above your fears and shine in every single moment you’re about to face.

The best part? Well, confidence is something you can learn and this online masterclass is what you’ve been waiting for.  I’m going to guide you on how to unleash that queen within and help you become the woman that you love!

I understand your pain because I’ve been there too.

I understand how hard it is to deny your powers and hide your gifts.

I understand how uncomfortable it can be to, well, be who you want to be and show the queen that you are because I’ve been in that space.

I’ve been in that place where I allowed myself to live in fear and self-doubt. Where I was often confused and wrestled with making decision.

And when you’re in that space, it’s pretty much impossible to succeed.

But when you are more confident about yourself, you’ll find your rightful place here on earth.  You would be more comfortable being you and you can do so much more in your life.  You’ll shine and feel valuable like gold!

Yasss Queen!  You have the power to say no to that inner mean girl that’s telling you “you can’t” or “ you’re not good enough!”. You can be a confident woman who doesn’t allow fear to imprison you.

What is THE QUEEN WITHIN: Confidence Building Masterclass?

In this powerful program, you will learn how to quickly and indefinitely connect to your intuition to create the queenly confidence in your choices, your spirit, and your life.

This online course seeks to uncover your unconscious and deep-rooted causes of low self esteem, and provide you with the knowledge and skills to become more self-directing and self-accepting.

  • 6 Modules (at least 20-minute video training per module), 1 module will be given per day
  • Coaching tools/ activities for each module
  • Free 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Nira Macaspac after completing the course
  • A certificate of completion
  • Exclusive access to the Queen Within Mastermind group, an online community where you get to meet and get in touch with me and fellow like-minded and like-hearted queens who took this online course, and an access to other #queening resources.
  • Discount for my future programs.
  • Future group meet-ups, a chance to network your brand, and show how confident you’ve become .

When will it start?

This online masterclass will start on August 17, 2020 (Monday). This is already the 2nd batch for this year.

The video for each module will be uploaded at 9:00 a.m starting August 17.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it on time, you can always watch the replay and do your daily check –ins when you’re done with your module activity or coaching toolkit.

How is it done?

The Queen Within Confidence Building Program is designed to help you become the MASTER of your mind, facilitate emotional intelligence and reset old patterns  with powerful techniques to helping you be that confident woman that you are so worthy for.

It will be done using the private facebook group platform. In this private group, you will be given 1 module per day for 6 days which will be discussed through a video, the video will only last for 20-30 minutes per module.

Facebook live discussions will also be scheduled to check your progress and address your concerns.

Confidence activities will be done inside the private group.

We’ll also be having daily check-ins for every coaching activity assigned per module.

Each training video will only take 20 minutes from your daily routine plus a few more for the assigned coaching toolkit per module. So, it wouldn’t take much of your precious #queening time.

How cool is that?

Know that we really need to spend time for personal growth everyday to get to the Queen that we want to be.

The Queen Within was featured in When in Manila

This program is for you if you want

  • To level-up your life and be a CONFIDENT decision maker.
  • Discover your inner powers and heal the limiting beliefs that’s keeping you stuck and playing small
  • Overcome your ego’s objections (and everyone else’s!) from a place of power… maneuver masterfully to transcend things that no longer serve you
  • Silence your fearful, judgmental, negative thoughts … awaken your drive and you’re guaranteed to thrive!
  • Reprogram your mindset from scary to queenly!
  • Fully integrate with the most influential, inspired, successful version of yourself
  • Attract blessings and have an abundance mindset.

This program is not for you if

You want to stay stuck in a fear-based mentality relying on someone else’s projection around what you should do.  This is for the woman ready to step into her power and stay there.

I’m interested but how much does it cost?

The total program value is Php 12,500 but you don’t have to spend that much in this online course because I understand how this pandemic impacted our jobs, businesses, or finances.

But Covid-19 shouldn’t stop you from #Queening Up and from becoming the confident woman you want to be. This is only a once in a lifetime offer.

Seats are filling up and I’m only offering it for PhP 1,499 for the first 30 Queens who will sign-up and pay within 5 days.

Because after which, the course fee will increase to PhP 1,899.

So be someone today that your future self will thank for. 

Be someone who made the right decision of choosing what’s best for her. 

I Can’t wait to work with you to build your queenly confidence.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at what other participants have said about this program

Why choose me as your Confidence Coach?

Your success is my success!

I’m Nira Macaspac.

• I am a Women Transformational Coach.

• I am the president and CEO of U-Progress Philippines Inc.

• I am an internationally certified life coach from the Life Coach Training institute based in Texas, USA.

• I’m an NLP Practitioner and got my training and certification under Sure Success Global.

• I’ve completed several personality development courses and leadership trainings including the famous Dale Carnegie’s Effective Communications and Human Relations Course (from Batch 1126 Graduate) and Level Up Leadership course by Francis Kong.

• I up-leveled my coaching practice and had my course as confidence coach at Empowerment Academy by Louise Anne Maurice.

• I am a speaker and I’ve spoken for different organizations including Springboard Philippines, Connected Women, and Philippine Advocates for Consultants and Trainers.

• I am also a writer. I write my own personal blogs, I also write for websites and media such as Manila Bulletin and Style MNL. I am an author/contributor to the coolest marketing magazine and website in asia, Marketing in Asia .

•Here are just some of the brands I’ve worked with

• I’m taking my MBA Regis (Executive MBA) at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

• I’m also a Licensed Professional Teacher and the founding director of Galileo Subic Town ( A Preschool and Child Enrichment Center).

• The Queen Within is my passion project and my signature program which means you’ll get the best of me here!

I’d love to get to know you and help you build the confidence level you’ve always wanted.

Remember, Queen, confidence is a skill ANYONE can develop.

Ask yourself, what is your life going to look like when you finally become the confident woman you always wanted to be?

Get training and practice because confidence is a skill you need for the rest of your life. And as what my dear friend, Ace Edejer would say,

“When you are confident, you are able.”

And what my mentor and mastercoach Myke Celis would always tell me,

“You always have it in you.”

So put all your excuses aside my dear and let’s do this because you know why?


And you deserve to be free and in control.

So take your throne and reign your life with CONFIDENCE.

Keep Queening!

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