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Hi, Queen!

I have a feeling that you’re trying to start or grow your business without having a clear vision of what it is really about, who your audience is, why you do what you do, and how are you going to connect to your audience and sell your products or services to them.

Yass, Queen! I’ll teach you how you can begin with a solid foundation that will guide you in the right direction, and will allow you to serve more people with your passion and purpose and in turn, creating massive growth and raving fans. 
 And the best way to do it is online.

2-hour video training




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Here's what we'll be covering

This course is everything you need to know on how to get started in building a brand so you can reign in your biz.  All these in 1 course!
Do you still think branding is a challenging topic?
Then, you’ll find it easy here.
Invest in you and be ready to reign as a brand.


Remember:  A BRAND is the most important asset your business can have.

How much is the investment, you ask?

I usually charge PhP 2,500 for this 2-hour training  + the workbook is sold for another PhP 500. If you take this course now you get it for 50+% less plus the insider queen perks.
It will only cost you PhP 1,500 if you pay 3 days from today but the value you get is priceless.


Learning Investment
1500 today
  • if you sign up and pay within 3 days

Still not convinced?

Here’s what other queens have said  about this program:
"I'm glad I signed up for the Confidently Digital with Ms. Nira Macaspac by the Mentor Group Asia on September 12! It was a well-spent afternoon and it exceeded its cost and my expectations. Thank you for a great course. Your interesting presentation style- that came with a workbook, with opportunities to ask questions, talked about real life examples which all made this a really enjoyable talk. I can't wait to enhance further what the course affirmed in. me and try some of my big take-aways from it. More power and God bless you!"
School Head, Hillcrest School
"I signed up for this course because I have a need to learn more about marketing and branding, as I have minimal exposure and very little experience in this. I have taken a couple of other online offerings in the past few months since the Covid-19 challenge started, realizing that I only need to seriously go digital with what I offer to people. I have to say that given the investment fee of this course, it exceeded my expectations compared to other courses I have taken. There was so much helpful information delivered in a very relatable and concise way, all in 2 hours and I easily understood what the heck brand and branding is, wan what it requires to reach my people in the digital world. I highly recommend this course to anyone exploring digital marketing. Thank you so much!"
Health and Wellness Coach, Wellness Essentials
"This course is like a mini-MBA! It taught me about foundational business 101 in 2-hours. It inspired me to start over on my brand building process. So worth more than the investment. I am excited to reign in business and looking forward to more courses from Ms. Nira Macaspac! "
Untitled design
Blogger, Digital Artist

and a

I’ve failed my way to success and had been in some businesses that didn’t work that’s because I didn’t understand back then the value of branding as a great foundation of building a business. 
Today, I am in a space where I am totally at peace with myself, with what I do and with every thing that currently surrounds me, and one of the things that lights me up is to create opportunities for you to feel the same.
I believe I am on a mission to help you own yourself and reign in life, work, and business“Queening” as I call it.
You have to start creating a life and business that you love because you are worthy! 
Just like I always say, “Queens are made.” and so are brands. 
So, let me join you on your journey to becoming an extraordinary brand.

These are just some of the brands I’ve worked with.

Over the years, God has allowed me to share my gifts and work with the wonderful people behind these brands.  
I was blessed to have been given the opportunity that these organizations/ individuals have given me. Below are just some of the ones I’ve worked with to give you and idea.  I haven’t listed yet the most recent ones this year.
I believe you can be a more confident queen.  So start slaying your goals, work it, and turn your dreams into reality!
Keep #Queening!

Hi there!

Do you want to digitally launch your course or business?

Do you want to have a sales page or landing page like this less the tech, copywriting and design hassle?

Do you want to have 1:1 brand coaching and mentorship with me?

Do you want to know how else I can help you with your business?

My team and I are here to serve! 🙂

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