Nira Macaspac

Hi Queen!

If you’ve arrived on this page, I’m thinking that 2 of your greatest fears are speaking in public and speaking in english.
And you are here because you’re curious if you still have a chance to improve and become a more confident english speaker.
Yasss, Queen! Of course, you can!


I was once like you.  Years ago I was so afraid to stand in front of the crowd and afraid to speak in straight english.


I was…


I understand that these feelings can cause you to get discouraged and  give up.
But please don’t!

But you gotta believe in you too, Queen!


Think about this:

Would you have a better career? Open up more opportunities? Get paid more? Would you be able to travel easily? Communicate with native speakers? Would you be able to communicate and express yourself better in english without stress?
We believe more opportunities can open up for you if you learn the art of speaking confidently in english.

It's time for you to Speak Up & Stand Out!

In this course, you’ll learn how to be “The People’s Choice” as you Master the Art of Speaking the English Language Confidently. You will also learn how to stand out through voice modulation, power dressing, and authenticity that will equip you to speak the global language confidently & will help you be an outstanding presenter on the digital platform.

What you'll learn:

  • You will get many quick and practical ideas to speak fluent English 
  • You will develop English speaking and communication and presentation skills 
  • You will be able to fix the most common English grammar mistakes 
  • You will be able to fix common mistake in English pronunciation of words
  • You will learn how to get rid of mother tongue influence 
  • You will learn new English vocabulary for English conversation practice
  • and additional personality development training such as dressing and being authentic
Lesson 1: How to present yourself confidently in English?
Lesson 2: How to modulate your voice?
Lesson 3: How to dress up for success?
Lesson 4: How to be authentic

How is it done?

Confirmed participants will be given the link to access the course, they just need to register and log in.  Training videos are accessible anytime (learn at your own pace) through Nira Macaspac’s website.

How much is the course?


Introductory price
1400 60% off
  • 3- hour training video (4 Lessons)
  • Access to The Queen Within Exclusive FB group
  • Discounts to other courses

Who is Kristine "Ms. Energy" Loyola?

Kristine "Ms. Energy" Loyola

I had the privilege to work with Kristine in Mentor Group Asia, she was also my english communications mentor, and all I can say is that she's a great coach and a queen who can truly understand you. You can be yourself and won't be intimidated when you're with her. Her fun personality and professionalism backed with experience and credentials make her a great coach. -Nira Macaspac

Still not convinced?

We gathered some feedback from her previous participants

The speaker is very lively.  I gained a lot of self- realization from her talk.  People actually listen to her and her confidence is overwhelming in a good way.  She's very professional with style.  She's good role model.

Jhoemar Luna

BPO Company Employee

I was enlightened when I attended Kristine's training.  Her expertise in the subject matter and her authentic joy in facilitating the discussion is really motivational.  Someday I'll have that energy to communicate with my customers or audience.

Cherrie Dela Cruz

Mom and Sales woman

Wow! Thank you so much for boosting our energy and regaining our confidence level.  Actually this is the first time I attended this kind of training, it exceeded my expectations and it helps a lot.

Deo Angelo Estrella

Musician, Host

A Quick decision matters

You simply won’t get this course at this rate forever. In fact, we’re planning to raise the enrollment fee at its regular price of PhP 3,500 soon, but for now, we’re giving this to you as an introductory price.  It’s important to not let this opportunity pass you by because the value that you get in this program is PRICELESS!!!

Please remember, this course is one of the best investments you can ever make for yourself.  You will attract more opportunities and you can become more confident. This could be one of the bridges to your dreams.  I believe in you, Queen.  So if your heart is telling you to go for it!  Then listen because you are a worthy QUEEN.

Just keep #Queening!

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