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The Queen Within: A Confidence Building Masterclass Series

I see the real you, Queen! And I think it’s time that you do, too…

I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to show the real you and get what you want. Imagine how happy and free you’ll be when every action you take from

  • posting your photo in social media
  • mingling at an event
  • speaking on a stage
  • talking to a guy you like
  • acing that job interview
  • starting a business
  • launching your blog/vlog page
  • selling your products and services
  • talking to vips
  • to just doing your daily chores

Imagine how awesome life can be when you get to do everything you like and act with confidence naturally like breathing.

The best part? Well, confidence is something you can learn and this online masterclass is what you’ve been waiting for. I’m going to guide you on how to unleash that queen within and help you become the woman that you love!

I’m excited for you, Queen! Because you know what? Getting what you want won’t make you confident but CONFIDENCE will get you what you want. Confidence is Queen. You need it to be worthy.

Stay tuned. This one is coming on June. Meanwhile, please send an e-mail to to learn more.

Be ready to take the throne and reign, because your inner queen is coming.

Keep queening and carry on.

#2 Things to do

I came home at 1am this morning after a 3-day vacation with my family, this includes attending a short political march for Vice President Leni Robredo who currently runs for President in my country, Philippines.  I went to bed and woke up at 5am. Shortly after doing my morning routine, I went to my desk,Continue reading “#2 Things to do”

Tips on how to become a more confident speaker of the global language by Ms. Kristine Loyola Level up by enrolling on the The Speak Up & Stand Out Course.   Members of The Queen Within Community will get a 30% discount on this course, just use the code TQW30.   Click the button belowContinue reading

The Queen Within Confidence Building Masterclass Batch 2 opens this August

It was a successful 1st batch, Queens! Because I saw how this program can truly transform you, I’ve decided to reopen it. So, if you weren’t able to join the first batch, here’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss! You are a worthy Queen and you deserve to slay in all the areas of your life.Continue reading “The Queen Within Confidence Building Masterclass Batch 2 opens this August”

About Nira Macaspac

I am happy to meet you, queen! Thanks for dropping by. I believe there is a purpose why you’re here. I feel that we’ve been pulled together by the universe and maybe there’s a deeper connection between us. Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Nira Macaspac. I am a women transformational coach dedicated to helpContinue reading “About Nira Macaspac”

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